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I find Mockenhaupt Benefits
Group to be accessible,
very customer oriented...
I find them to be real problem
solvers and extremely willing
to work with their clients."

Norb Kowalski, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Allegheny County Police Pension Fund

Consultant Profiles

Mockenhaupt Benefits Group consultants have, on average, over 20 years of experience working with public employee benefit plans.

William C. Asay

Tammy Cappo

Colleen A. Deer

David H. Stimpson

Carrie Troutman

Mockenhaupt Benefits Group Company Directory

Staff direct dial phone numbers and e-mail addresses
Chris Anderson (412) 394-9336 Chris.Anderson@MBGbenefits.com
Bill Asay (412) 394-9332 Bill.Asay@MBGbenefits.com
Douglas Barnes (412) 246-2550 Doug.Barnes@MBGbenefits.com
Tammy Cappo (412) 394-6307 Tammy.Cappo@MBGbenefits.com
Colleen Deer (412) 394-9333 Colleen.Deer@MBGbenefits.com
Judy Ghion (412) 394-6710 Judy.Ghion@MBGbenefits.com
Lauraly Mitchell (412) 394-9174 Lauraly.Mitchell@MBGbenefits.com
Erin Shirey (412) 394-9382 Erin.Shirey@MBGbenefits.com
Gabrielle Slaugenhaupt (412) 394-9387 Gabrielle.Slaugenhaupt@MBGbenefits.com
Richard Smith (412) 394-9304 Richard.Smith@MBGbenefits.com
Diane Sokol (412) 394-9882 Diane.Sokol@MBGbenefits.com
David Stimpson (412) 394-9306 David.Stimpson@MBGbenefits.com
Carrie Troutman (412) 394-6709 Carrie.Troutman@MBGbenefits.com

Main telephone numbers Fax number
(800) 405-3620 (412) 394-6339
(412) 394-9660
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