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"I'm 100% satisfied with themĄ­they immediately address every inquiry I have. I've never had a problem with them and I'd recommend them to anyone."

- Tammy Jensen, Administrator of the Central Wayne Regional Authority

Personal Service
At Mockenhaupt Benefits Group, personal service mattersĄ­we take a proactive rather than a reactive approach.

We don't wait to hear from our clients until there's an issue at hand. Our consultants regularly visit client sites to meet with officials, employees and the governing body. We're available to explain and review issues in a non-technical manner providing a sense of comfort even with the most complicated matter. This enables clients to make informed decisions when needed.

And, because our firm is small, we are able to make and maintain long-term, personal relationships with clients keeping them apprised of important legislative updates and court decisions that could affect their plans or budgets.

We also try to anticipate issues that may arise during state audits or contract negotiations and make suggestions that could expedite, simplify or improve the process. And, to supplement our consulting services, we publish periodic newsletters and bulletins containing timely information related to client needs.