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"I find Mockenhaupt Benefits Group to be accessible, very customer oriented I find them to be real problem solvers and extremely willing to work with their clients."

- Norb Kowalski, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Allegheny County Police Pension Fund


Mockenhaupt Benefit Group periodically publishes the Public Employee Benefit Review, which is a newsletter dedicated to topics of interest to public employers and employees.

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Winter 2013
  • Creating an RFP for Pension Services
  • Hampden Township Profile
  • Pension Reform for State Plans
  • MEIT Goes Self Insured
  • News & Notes
Fall 2012
  • National Trends in Government Pensions, pg 1
  • Northampton Township Manager Profile, pg 2
  • News YOU Need to Know, pg 3
  • Meet Colleen Deer, pg 3
  • GASB Statements 67 & 68, pg 4
Spring 2012
  • Cash Balance Plans
  • Healthcare Reform Update
  • Client Profiles
  • Act 44 Today
Spring 2011
  • Asset Smoothing in 2011
  • Stay on Top of Health Care Reform
  • Pension Plan Status Q & A
  • News You Need to Know
  • Defined Contribution
Summer 2009
  • Pension Funding & the 2010/11 MMO Obligation Report
  • Extended Coverage for Dependents
  • Mini Cobra
  • Asset Smoothing...Is It Right for Funding Your Pension Plans?
  • DROP Update
Summer 2008
  • IRS Renews Interest in Government Pension Plans...Sponsors Governmental Plans Roundtable - April 22, 2008
  • Commonwealth Court Allows Stocks and Bonds to Be Used to Fund OPEB, But...
  • New HEART Act Provides Enhanced Benefits to Military Service Personnel
  • Poll Finds that Medical Costs will Increase Worldwide Over the Next Five Years
March 2007
  • GASB's Accounting Standards for OPEB Benefits: GASB 43 and GASB 45
Fall 2006
  • Pension Protection Act's Impact on Govenment Employers and Employees?
  • An overview of an employee contribution "pick up"
  • Notes to Financial Statements Changes
  • GAS 45 Reminder
  • Reminders/Deadlines for 2006 and Early 2007
Winter 2006
  • Is My Plan a "Qualified" Plan?
  • Mistakes on the Form AG-385 Can be costly
  • MBG's Disaster Recovery Plan Protected Client Data During Water Line Main Break Last Summer
Summer 2005
  • The Guiding Principles: The D's of Pension Plan Administration
  • Lower Paxton Client Profile
Winter 2005
  • Newly Issued Accounting Standards for Postemployment Benefits other than Pensions
  • Retiree Medical Liabilities may soon hit your financial statments like a "Ton of Bricks"
Summer 2004 - Special Update
  • Pension Legislation May Provide Financial Relief to Local Governments
Spring 2004
  • Social Security Reform Bill
  • Oil City - Client Profile
  • What's All the Hubbub About DROP's?
  • Health Savings Accounts
Early Winter 2002
  • MEIT...Your Solution to the Act 30 Killed-in-Service Death Benefit Potential Pension Plan Liability Issue
  • Website Update
Late Summer 2002
  • 2 More Pension Bills - Act 64 and 65
  • Upper St. Clair - Client Profile
  • Pension Bonds - the Risk Factor
Spring 2002
  • Governor signs SB16
  • AG provides update on excess benefits
  • PERC releases report on DROP plans
Spring 2002 - Special Update
  • Major changes to Act 600
  • Summary of Act 30
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