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"I have been associated with Mockenhaupt Benefits Group for a number of years and have been very pleased with the services we've received. The staff has been very reliable and, Bill Asay has been a person I can count on and trust. I have always relied on the research and advice that we have received from MBG and will continue to do so."

- Don Pepe, Manager Zelienople Borough

Retiree Medical Cost Studies (GASB 45)

It's Here...
As you know, the time's arrived for many public employers to begin calculating and reporting the costs and liabilities of the medical and other benefits they provide to employees after retirement under GASB 45. Most employers will need to hire an actuary to calculate these liabilities. Mockenhaupt Benefits Group is a Pittsburgh, PA based firm with over four decades of experience working with local government retirement plans. We'll not only provide you with the numbers related to your other post-employment benefits (OPEB), but we'll also partner with you to provide a solid plan for controlling or reducing the impact of these costs on the district's financial status.

Early Planning and Preparation
Are Key to Handling GASB 45

The effective date of GASB 45 depends upon your annual revenue (as measured for the first fiscal year ending after June 15, 1999).

Public employers with annual revenue:
  • Over $100 million must begin reporting OPEB (other post employment benefits) costs under the new standard for the fiscal year beginning after Dec. 15, 2006;
  • From $10 - $100 million starting with the fiscal year beginning after Dec. 15, 2007;
  • And, under $10 million, the fiscal year beginning after Dec. 15, 2008.
Once you're started, keep in mind that plans with 200 or more members will need to have an actuarial valuation completed once every two years to measure liability; those with less than 200 will do so once every three years.

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